Rain Bird Basics Online

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Learn irrigation basics from the pros

The twelve modules in the Rain Bird Basics Online series were developed for people with little to no irrigation experience.  This is non-manufacturer specific training, that covers the basics of irrigation adjustments, repairs and operation.  The training includes major brands like Rain Bird, Toro, and Hunter.    It is the first step in becoming an irrigation professional.

The Rain Bird Basics series include the following topics

Irrigation Systems Overview

Evaluating an Irrigation System and Making Recommendations

How Many Heads Per Irrigation Valve?

Repairing PVC Pipe Breaks

Repairing Poly Pipe Breaks

Replacing Rotors and Spray Heads

Rotor Nozzle Troubleshooting and Replacement

Rotor Operation and Adjustment

Rotating Nozzle Troubleshooting and Replacement

Rotating Nozzle Operation and Adjustment

Spray Nozzle Troubleshooting and Replacement

Spray Nozzle Operation and Adjustment

Valve Electric Solenoid and Replacement