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Rain Bird Factory Trained
Residential Installer

Class Code 1502 - 32 hours

This course includes our highest level of installation knowledge and hands-on activities using industry standard equipment and materials. All aspects of the installation process will be covered from the initial site inspection to system fine tuning.  Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have installed an actual irrigation system. This course is identified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program which recognizes maintenance practitioners with the demonstrated ability to apply water efficiency concepts in their practice and will be eligible to display the WaterSense Label.


3300 – Introduction to Irrigation & Installation
3301 – Irrigation Technician’s Course
3200 – Landscape Irrigation Design
3305 – Efficient Irrigation Scheduling


1 Year of verifiable field installation experience

Course Outline


Unit 1 Course Introduction
Unit 2  Site Plans
Unit 3 Power Equipment and Operation
Unit 4 Hydraulic Review
Unit 5 Irrigation Water Supply
Unit 6 Pipe Selection and Installation
Unit 7 Wire Selection and Installation
Unit 8 Valve Selection and Installation
Unit 9 Emission Device Selection and Installation
Unit 10 Water-efficient Scheduling
Unit 11 Controller Selection and Installation
Unit 12 System Fine Tuning and Maintenance