IQ v3.0 Cloud Technician

This training introduces and defines the role of the IQ™v3.0 system hardware components working with the IQ v3.0 Cloud operating platform. Hands on installation activities include communication between the IQ v3.0 Cloud and select IQ-NCC Network Communication Cartridges.

Course Outline

Unit 1 Overview of the IQ™ v3.0 Central Control System

Unit 2 IQ™v3.0 System Components

Unit 3 IQ™v3.0 Communication Training

Unit 4 IQ-NCC Configurator Software Training

Unit 5 Practical Exercises

Unit 6 Review & Examination

Suggested Experience

The participant should have working knowledge of a landscape irrigation system including sprinkler, valve, and controller installation. This course also requires that the participant have a working knowledge of the Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system.