Introduction to Landscape Irrigation Pumps

Students attending this one day class will be able to identify, select, operate and troubleshoot irrigation pumps commonly used in residential and small commercial landscape irrigation. Presentation includes: pump operational theory, reading and applying pump curve information; pump component installation. This class is orientated towards students that are new and/or to students wanting to gain additional skills in working with residential and small commercial landscape irrigation pumps. Students will observe the following: pump installation; disassembly/assembly; troubleshooting and pump control installation/adjustment

Course Outline

Unit Topic & Time

Unit 1 Overview of a Pump Systems
Use of pumps in residential and small commercial settings. Purpose and types of pumps available.

Unit 2 How Pumps Operate

How pressure and flow is produced and major parts of a Pump System

Unit 3 Pump Curves

Information contained on a pump performance curve. Reading and understanding the information provided and how to apply that information in selecting your pump

Unit 4 Pump Types and Components

Details on types and application of the various pump types used in the irrigation industry

Unit 5 Selecting the Pumping System
Selecting the pump and the pump system components. How the components work together to create the pumping system

Unit 6 Drivers

Review the various types of engines and motors used to power pumps. Energy types, sources and use. Power use and selection factors

Unit 7 VFD and Pump Stations

Variable Frequency drives and pre-packaged pump stations

Unit 8 Tanks

Types, purpose and selection of pump pressure tanks

Unit 9 Filters and Intakes
Types, options and installation of pump filters and pump intakes

Unit 10 Pump Controls
Pump relays, pressure and flow sensor types, application and selection

Unit 11 Pump System Installation and Cavitation
Proper/improper pump installation and ways to avoid pump cavitation

Unit 12 Preparing the Pumps System for Operation

Set-up and safety components of preparing and operating pump systems

Unit 13 Monitoring Pump and Adjusting Pump System

Adjustment and monitoring of the pump system from start-up through shut down/winterization

Unit 14 Trouble Shooting Pump Systems

Methods and tools used to troubleshoot a pump system

Unit 15 Landscape Irrigation Pump System Glossary