Golf Central Control Operator

Learn how to navigate through Rain Bird’s golf central control software (Cirrus™, Nimbus™ II, Stratus™ II, or Stratus™ LT). Experts will guide you through Front Office icons and show how to make common adjustments to your system including how to write programs using the Quick-IRR feature. This class is specifically designed to provide information necessary for day-to-day operation of the central control system. (Requires a working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system)

Course Outline

Unit 1 PowerPoint Presentation

Unit 2 Designer Notes Overview

Unit 3 Front Office Overview

Unit 4 System Settings

Unit 5 Station Details / Adding a Station

Unit 6 Program Details

Unit 7 Dry-Run

Unit 8 Course Monitor/DMA

Unit 9 Monitor/Logs Screens

Unit 10 MI Series Mobile Controller

Unit 11 Print Office

Unit 12 Database Backup

Unit 13 Software Module Options

Unit 14 Factory Trained Examination

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Testimonials

    1. PowerPoint Presentation
    2. Designer Notes Overview
    3. Front Office Overview
      • Current Time and Next Program Start
      • System Flow Bar and System Capacity
      • System Status Indicator
      • System Water Budget
      • Water Budget %
        1. Global
        2. Program Level
        3. Schedule Level
        4. Station Level
    4. System Settings
      • Hardware Settings
      • International Settings
      • System Capacity
      • Data Tables
        1. ET Adjust
        2. Cycle Times
        3. Soak Times
        4. Precipitation Rate Tables
      • Area Definition Tables
      • Default Data Tables
      • Operational Settings
    5. Station Details / Adding a Station
    6. Program Details
      • QuikIRR
      • SimpleIRR
    7. Dry-Run
    8. Course Monitor/DMA
    9. Monitor/Logs Screens
      • Course Log
      • Posted Log
    10. MI Series Mobile Controller
    11. Print Office
    12. Database Backup
    13. Software Module Options
    14. Factory Trained Examination

    Location Information and Class Registration

    December 10, 2019
    Las Vegas, NV
    December 12, 2019
    Las Vegas, NV