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Rain Bird Academy

“I have found the Rain Bird Academy training courses to be very informative, well planned, and efficient in providing the essential information needed to apply to the products and systems in a real-life scenario. Furthermore, the technical support I have received is also most helpful in providing the best solutions and design options for unusual or difficult situations on several projects requiring a documented irrigation system.”

Debra Hernandez
IBI Group

“Rain Bird Academy has helped to further my water management career and has given me the tools to efficiently use water resources. I have benefited from the high level of knowledge from the instructors and the course manuals provided in all the courses I have taken. Rain Bird Academy is an excellent tool for professionals in the water industry.”

Eric Bloomer
City of Greeley Parks Dept.

“Rain Bird Academy provides industry specific training that is vital to the success of a field technician, business owner, and designers alike. The information (provided in class) is vital for the proper application of advanced technologies needed in today's competitive market place. Also many consumers are now realizing that water savings are energy savings as well, and they are looking for contractors, designers, and service companies who provide water efficient solutions.”

Peter Costales
Cloud Burst Irrigation Co. LLC

"Rain Bird is committed to increasing irrigation knowledge within the market. They have shown everyone at TLC where the industry is headed and got them excited about the opportunities that are out there. Without a doubt, I would tell anyone that the Rain Bird Training Program is an investment that they should make."

Bob Carr
TLC Incorporated
Gambrills, MD

"I walked into Rain Bird’s Irrigation Training Camp with no experience. There was a mix of irrigation knowledge among the attendees. Upon completion of the course, everyone walked away having learned something they could use. The instructor did a great job relating the topics covered to all different levels of experience. His balance of book knowledge with field experience was that of a seasoned teacher. After finishing the class, I was able to install a system having never done it before."

Taylor Dufrene
Greenleaf Irrigation
New Orleans, LA