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Irrigation Technician Course

Class Code 3301 - 16 hours

This intensive two day course takes you through the important topics related to the repair and maintenance of efficient irrigation systems. This class is ideal for irrigation service technicians, irrigation system managers, distributor personnel or other irrigation professionals that want a better understanding of the set-up and maintenance of efficient, effective irrigation systems.  (Note: A Rain Bird product catalog is provided in class, but students may bring any manufacturer’s catalog they wish to use)

Course Objectives

Upon completion of day one of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify key components of an irrigation system
  2. Explain the basic principals of hydraulics
  3. Determine flow and pressure limitations
  4. Develop a basic irrigation system schedule
  5. Identify, investigate, and repair typical problems with common irrigation system components.

Course Outline

Common Troubleshooting Scenarios

Unit 1 Site Information
Unit 2  Controller display is blank
Unit 3 No zones operating (apparent electrical failure)
Unit 4 Single zone no operating
Unit 5 Water dribbling out of a few heads
Unit 6 Owner wants to add a new zone or expand an existing zone
Unit 7 Incorrect water pressure
Unit 8 Dry spot in a working zone
Unit 9 Over or under watering on a site (scheduling)
Unit 10 Controller coming on at the wrong time
Unit 11 Water collecting around a few heads
Unit 12 Zone ‘stuck’ on
Unit 13 Need to find a buried wire or valve
Unit 14 Backflow prevention
Unit 15 Owner wants to add auxiliary items (relays and sensors)
Unit 16 Winterization and Spring Start-up

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