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Irrigation Contractors Course

Class Code 3401 - 16 hours

This course deals directly with the issue of wise water management. Students will review advanced soil/water plant relationships, advanced scheduling, system uniformity and efficiency details, pumps, job safety requirements, national codes affecting our industry, and water conservation. This class is designed to prepare students for the Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) exam, focusing on the key areas contractors typically struggle with when preparing for the CIC exam. Exam registration is NOT included with class registration. To apply for the exam, please visit the Certification section of the IA web site.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Create an efficient watering schedule
  2. Explain advanced design topics
  3. Explain pump operation and interactions with the system
  4. Implement local building / installation codes
  5. Implement basic business laws and practices

Course Outline

Unit 1 Introduction to Class & exam
Unit 2  Scheduling
Unit 3 Hydraulics
Unit 4 Wire Sizing
Unit 5 Pumps
Unit 6 Codes & Laws
Unit 7 Business
Unit 8 Review


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