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Efficient Irrigation Scheduling

Class Code 3305 - 4 hours

The most effective method of saving water is to create an irrigation schedule that accounts for plant water needs. This class will provide all of the knowledge and tools necessary to complete a water-efficient weather based irrigation schedule. Topics will include plant water requirements, irrigation system performance, and soil moisture storage. This class is the final day of the Rain Bird Academy Boot Camp series of classes.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Determine a plant water requirement based on plant conditions
  • Accurately calculate sprinkler performance
  • Create an accurate watering schedule based on Soil-Plant-Water relationships

Course Outline

Unit 1 Course Introduction
Unit 2  Water Efficient Emission Devices
  1. Check Valve
  2. Pressure Regulation
  3. Flow Shield Technology
  4. Matched Precipitation Rate
  5. Product Overviews
Unit 3 Evapotranspiration Rate
  1. The problem
  2. What is Evapotranspiration?
  3. How ET is calculated
  4. Reference ET
  5. ET Factors
  6. Plant Water Use
  7. Effective Rainfall
  8. Net ET and Irrigation Amount
Unit 4 Soils
  1. Why is soil important to irrigation?
  2. Soil Textures
  3. Soil Types
  4. Soil Water Properties
  5. Soil Reservoir
Unit 5 Water Efficienct Control Systems
  • Scheduling features
  • Sensors and accessories
  • Central Control


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