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Rain Bird Factory Trained Program

“I was thrown into the fire with the Maxicom system two years ago with no training. I enrolled in the Maxicom Level 2 class due to its proximity to my location. Having not taken (Maxicom) Level 1, I felt a little intimidated by the process. However, the instructor was extremely helpful working one-on-one to get me up to speed. I now feel fairly confident utilizing all aspects Maxicom has to offer. I have re-programmed all schedules (48 clocks over 80 acres) to water more effectively and efficiently. I look forward to the opportunity to take (Maxicom) Level 3.”

Larry Stripes
DCFWSSD #6 and #7

“Anyone who is committed to the (irrigation) industry and has a desire to improve his or her interaction in the industry has a responsibility to be as informed as possible. In my opinion, there is no better place to get this knowledge than from the experts in the industry. Take and absorb all the schooling that you can. Rain Bird Academy has always been able to provide the training that I have wanted.”

Donald Lechner
Precision Outdoor Power

“The hands-on training class for Maxicom (Hardware) was great. I spent 2 years fumbling my way through it in the field and after the training; I have had very few problems with watering or lighting controls. This has reduced the need for someone to be called out (on a service call) because the ball field lights did not power on. I am looking forward to the advanced training class.”

Kenneth Swift
Kern County Parks  and Rec.

"Rain Bird is committed to increasing irrigation knowledge within the market. They have shown everyone at TLC where the industry is headed and got them excited about the opportunities that are out there. Without a doubt, I would tell anyone that the Rain Bird Training Program is an investment that they should make."

Bob Carr
TLC Incorporated
Gambrills, MD

The thorough and excellent training we received from Rain Bird has helped my team fully utilize our Maxicom system. The training helped take any guesswork out of running the system.

Since everyone on my staff has been trained it helps split up the work.  I am able to assign a technician to a specific area, and they are able to manage the irrigation system using Maxicom. Also, I don’t have to worry if a person calls in sick or leaves because there is a deep bench of people with the knowledge to run the system.

If Rain Bird had not come to us I would not have been able to have the entire team trained, so that was a real advantage. 

Eric Troxell / Riverside Unified School District
Assistant Director Grounds,Custodial & Waste Management