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Rain Bird Factory Trained: Designation Renewal

Your Rain Bird Factory Trained designation is valid for three years from date of your successful completion of a Rain Bird Factory Training class and exam. In order to maintain your designation, you are required to re-take the exam or the full class. 

Here are the steps you can take to maintain your designation:

1. Open the Rain Bird Training Services REGISTRATION PAGE.

2. Next, click the link  “Rain Bird Factory Trained: Designation Renewal” and select the location where you would like to take your designation renewal exam.

3. You will see all available Rain Bird Factory Trained Designations listed.  You may choose up to 4 designations to renew on the same day.  After selecting the designation(s) you wish to renew, select a time to begin your exam(s); either 7:30am or 12:00pm

4. Pricing for renewing your certification is as follows:

  • $50 for one designation renewal
  • $75 for two designation renewals taken on the same day
  • $100 for three or four designation renewals taken on the same day
  • Free renewal for one designation when taken during attendance of another Rain Bird Factory Trained class.  Can be taken prior to class or during lunch break.