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Rain Bird Factory Trained
Integrated Control System (ICS) Technician

Class Code 1201 - 20 hours

Participants in this class will be presented with information on the Rain Bird Integrated Control System.  All aspects of ICS will be covered, including system architecture, design, installation, operation and troubleshooting.  Throughout the class, hands-on activities will be used to reinforce each section of the training. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of day one of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the basic components and architecture of the Rain Bird Integrated Control system
  2. Define IC System design parameters and capacities
  3. Explain IC System grounding requirements
  4. Properly install IC system components
  5. Perform day-to-day operational tasks within the IC System
  6. Diagnose and troubleshoot common problems in the IC System

Course Outline

Unit 1 IC System Overview
Unit 2  IC System Design & Layout
Unit 3 IC System Grounding
Unit 4 IC System Installation
Unit 5 IC System Operation
Unit 6 IC Diagnostics & Troubleshooting