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Golf Irrigation Technician

Class Code 1200 - 16 hours

This two day hands-on course provides the student with all aspects of golf course irrigation systems. This class is ideal for golf course irrigation technicians, assistant superintendents, distributor personnel or other irrigation professionals that want a better understanding of the installation, maintenance and repair of efficient golf course irrigation systems.

Day One Learn the basics of hydraulics and the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of valve-in-head rotors. Also covered are the fundamentals of electricity as it applies to troubleshooting irrigation controllers, proper use of a multi-meter and tracking/locating valves, wire breaks and nicked insulation faults.

Day Two Become skilled at connecting communication and power wires using DBY and/or DBR splices. Conduct hands-on exercises setting up and pro­gramming controllers. Learn how to troubleshoot and repair two-wire decoder systems. Conduct hands-on exercises dealing with grounding and surge protection matters, such as performing a CAD-Weld operation and conducting tests measuring the resistance of a grounding grid.

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