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Rain Bird Factory Trained
Water Efficient Product Technician

Class Code 1510 - 4 hours

This hands-on technical training provides the basics of smart irrigation using Rain Bird water saving products available to contractors for residential irrigation systems. Choosing the correct product can reduce watering runtimes by 30% or more, without decreasing the quality or health of the landscape. The class will present each product’s features, installation/programming requirements, operational parameters and adjustments. Students will be presented with real-world scenarios where each covered product will be appropriate. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify water efficient irrigation emission component features and benefits
  2. Identify water efficient irrigation control component features and benefits
  3. Identify situations where water efficient product upgrades will help save the customer water and money


Course Outline

  1. The water shortage problem
  2. Water Efficient Products – Part of the solution
    1. Missing Nozzle
      1. Flow Shield Technology
    2. Run-Off (Slope or Low-Infiltration Rate)
      1. Rain Bird Rotary Nozzle and R-VAN Nozzle
      2. Cycle and Soak feature
    3. Irrigating in the Rain?
      1. RSD
      2. WR2 – Wireless Rain Sensor
    4. Poor Application Uniformity
      1. Rain Curtain Technology
      2. U-Series Nozzle
      3. HE-VAN Nozzle
    5. High Pressure Operation
      1. PRS-Dial
      2. PRS Stem
      3. PRS Swing Joint
    6. Low-Head Drainage
      1. SAM Check Valve
    7. Wrong Product Selection
      1. XFS Drip Line
      2. SQ series nozzle
    8. Overwatering (Improper Schedule)
      1. ESP-SMT
    9. Overly Simple Control System
      1. ESP-Me
  3. Communicating Efficiency to residential customers


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