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Rain Bird Factory Trained
Landscape ValveTechnician

Class Code 1507 - 8 hours

This class will introduce students to Rain Bird Landscape irrigation valves. Correct selection and sizing are critical for effective and efficient irrigation operation. Students will learn the internal components of valves, proper installation and operation, and the valve troubleshooting process for quick identification of common reasons for valve failure.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify all major components of an irrigation valve
  2. Explain the basic operation of a valve
  3. Properly install an irrigation valve, including valve box construction
  4. Troubleshoot common valve failures

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to the class
  2. Valve Components
    1. Major Components
    2. Internal Components
  3. Valve Operation
    1. Forward Flow
    2. Reverse Flow
    3. Electric Operation
    4. Manual Operation
  4. Rain Bird Valve Series
    1. HV Series
    2. DV Series
    3. ASVF Series
    4. PGA Series
    5. PEB/PESB(-R) Series
    6. EFB-CP Series
    7. BPE/BPES Series
    8. Quick Coupling Valve
    9. PRS-Dial
  5. Valve Selection, Sizing, and Placement
  6. Valve Installation
    1. Valve Boxes
    2. Installation Details
    3. Manifold
    4. Union fittings, Manifold Tees, Ball Valves
  7. Valve Troubleshooting
    1. Failed Closed
    2. Failed “weeping”
    3. Failed Open

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