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Rain Bird Factory Trained
IQ™ v3.0 Cloud Operator

Class Code 1116 - 4 hours

This training introduces the IQ™ v3.0 Cloud Central Control Software system software and its primary functions related to basic and advanced irrigation operation, monitoring, programming and reporting. Programming complexity is equal to that of a stand-alone irrigation controller program.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Sign-up and log-in, program and operate the IQ™ v3.0 Cloud Central Control System Software.

Course Outline

The material is presented in a combination of instructional methods. There will be lectures, demonstrations, and student practice sessions. The overall objective of this class is to introduce and strengthen the IQ Operator on how to program, operate and analyze the IQ™ v3.0 Cloud Central Control System.

Unit 1 Introduction to IQ™ v3.0 Cloud Central Control  System
Unit 2  IQ™ v3.0 Cloud Central Control System Overview of Software Features
Unit 3 Communication Options/Components
Unit 4 Water Management, Operating Status
Unit 5 Satellites - Configure, Program, Dry Run, Manual
Unit 6 Site Logs, Site Selection Grid, System Status
Unit 7 Review, Examination and Evaluation

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