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Rain Bird Factory Trained
ESP-LX (Series) Operator

Class Code 1501 - 8 hours

This training will teach students how to program and operate the ESP-LXME Controller and ESP-LXD Two-Wire Decoder Controller, including using features such as Flow Manager™, Flow Watch™ and Simulstations™.  Students will also learn proper hands-on installation techniques for the ESP-LXD, including wiring, splicing and system troubleshooting with an AC leakage clamp meter. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Program an ESP-LXD Decoder Controller
  2. Program an ESP-LXME Controller
  3. Define current installation practices and techniques for an ESP-LXD Decoder Controller.
  4. Troubleshoot an ESP-LXD Decoder Controller system using the applicable equipment and troubleshooting techniques

Course Outline

The material is presented in a combination of instructional methods. There will be lectures, demonstrations, and student practice sessions. The overall objective of this class is to introduce the end-user to the ESP-LX (Series) Controllers covering programming, installation and troubleshooting procedures.

Unit 1 Introduction to the ESP-LXD & ESP-LXME Controller     
Unit 2  Programming the ESP-LXD & ESP-LXME Controller
Unit 3 ESP-LXD Installation Practices and Techniques
Unit 4 ESP-LXD Decoder System Troubleshooting Exercises
Unit 5 Review & Quiz

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