Customized & Private Training

By hosting our own training event we are able customize the training material to focus on the issues that make the most sense for our region, so our customers are able to utilize 100% of the training.  We have also turned this into an opportunity to connect with our customers in a fun way by hosting the training at a local resort and adding a day of golf to the event. 

Our customers are more efficient at running their system after taking the training. They are able to fully utilize their system to get the most out of their investment. The training has also helped reduce troubleshooting time for us and our customers.

We started hosting the training to support our customers and over the years the response has been fantastic.

Bob Ferre - Golf Sales Manager
High Tech Irrigation

We chose to host training classes at our facility for the cost savings in travel expenses. It cost less to train the entire staff at our facility as compared to sending them to training at the Las Vegas event because of the travel expenses we would incur.  This was definitely an important consideration for the City.
I like that we could tailor the class to our needs.  We were not wasting time during the training learning about products that we don’t use.  At the City we use Maxicom, so we customized the installation class to focus only on that system, which made the entire class relevant to my team.  We were also able to combine the Irrigation Auditor and Low Volume classes together into one customized training event.

The classes were very well organized and very professional. It was nice to have the team all together for the training as they were able to share situations with the trainer and co-workers and discuss possible solutions.

Casey Bond – City of Sparks
Public Works Crew Supervisor

Classic Landscape chose to host a training event for our staff because it was more convenient to have all of our staff trained at our facility rather than sending them to class at another location.  The training was where and when I wanted it, and it was personalized to meet our needs. 

Our team was engaged with the trainer and with each other, so I think they benefited more by being together in a smaller class setting with their co-workers.  The trainer presented material at our pace – I think everyone felt more comfortable asking questions and engaging with each other than they might have in a larger class that had a mix of people from different organizations.  The training felt more personal because it was all about us, I would definitely do it again.

James Hardy
Classic Landscape

We hosted a customized training event at our facilities because it was easy and convenient.  We had close to 20 people in the training classes and it was a good opportunity to bring the staff together that work at different branches.

We focused on topics and products that were important to us and our business.  As an example, water-efficient products are part of our offering and at the training we learned important selling points to talk about with our customers.

ProGrass is a Rain Bird Select Contractor and one of requirements of the Select Contractor program is the commitment to having a certain number of people on our crews Rain Bird Factory Trained. The customized training event helped us meet this requirement in the most cost-effective and convenient way.

Ken Christopherson / Vice President Sales and Marketing
ProGrass Home & Landscape Improvements

We chose to host a training event at our office for the convenience and to get staff from different locations together as a team.  They were able to share their ideas and experience with each other during the training.

Our instructor was great. He really knew his stuff and led the guys through the training.  The materials were very professional and products needed for the training were shipped to our location ahead of time.  It was very well organized.

We customized the training based on our needs so we could put it immediately to use.  I would definitely utilize the customized training again. 

Nathan Dirksen
Construction Manager
Dennis’ Seven Dees Landscaping